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I want to try your layout before I buy it...

You can actually try it on your Windows computer. May be that's all you need, and that's ok.

My layout is based on two things:

- tri-state layers used in Planck/OLKB boards,

- and SpaceFN layout.

The former allows to have four layers controlled by two keys. It works only if you have a programmable keyboard.

The SpaceFN layout can be used on its own, on any regular computer, provided you can install a program to it.

The idea is to turn space bar into a modifier key. That is when you hit it once it works as a space bar. But when you press and hold it - it activates another layer, like Shift or Control. This post on describes this idea in more details.

For SpaceFN (when I don't have my ThumbsUp! keyboard) I use TouchCursor utility.

You can download and use it for free.

To use my layout - launch TouchCursor double click on its icon in the clock area to open the configuration window. Change any of the key bindings and close the window with OK button.

Then exit from TouchCursor by right-clicking on its icon, and choose Exit.

Download this file:

TouchCursor Congiuration File
Download ZIP • 270B

From that archive unzip and save "settings.cfg" into this folder, replacing the existing file, if any: "C:\Users\{YourUserNameHERE}\AppData\Roaming\TouchCursor"

Launch TouchCursor again.

When TouchCursor is running and is active, holding the space bar gives me this layer (the key action is in the center of each key):

This layout is especially good with the laptops, in which the navigation and editing keys are placed in very uncomfortable and often unusual spots, and the F-keys are either grouped differently or shifted to the side a bit, contradicting my muscle memory, or require holding FN key to use.

SpaceFN removes the need in those separate keys, and makes me feel better with any laptop keyboard.

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