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Source Files and Default Firmware

Updated: Nov 12

I am cleaning up the firmware for all the keyboards. Two biggest changes are switch to the current QMK version 0.22.14 and enabling the VIA/REMAP support for all the keyboards. Look for the banners for each keyboard to see if the new firmware is ready.

Default (compiled) firmware and JSON files for VIA/REMAP are in Dropbox here:

Source files are here:


v3 (5x12) and v4 use the same firmware (use the v4 one as the latest and supporting VIA/REMAP.)

//TODO: re-upload v4

v5 and v8 also use the same firmware (use v8 for both.)

To compile the firmware:

- Install QMK tools (as per instructions on

- Clone my qmk_firmware repository

- Open QMK.SYS

- Navigate to the folder with QMK repository, e.g.

cd /c/Users/ak/Documents/GitHub/qmk_firmware

- Compile the firmware, depending on the version:

v2 AtMega:

qmk compile -c -kb thumbsup/rev2_atmega_unibody_4x12 -km default_4x12_reduced_plover_via

v2 ProMicro:

qmk compile -c -kb thumbsup/rev2_promicro_unibody_4x12 -km default_4x12_via


qmk compile -c -kb thumbsup/rev6_rp2040_split_4x12 -km default_4x12_v6_via

v7 (for the left and right halves separately):

make thumbsup/rev7_rp2040_split_5x12:default_5x12_v7_via:uf2-split-left

make thumbsup/rev7_rp2040_split_5x12:default_5x12_v7_via:uf2-split-right

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